Distance from Ao Nang Apartments
8 km

Rai Leh (อ่าวไร่เล), also commonly known as Railay, is a tourist area on the Andaman Coast of Thailand, in Krabi Province. Rai Leh is primarily known as a rock climbing hot spot, attracting climbers from all over the world to its superb towering limestone. As Rai Leh is on the tip of a peninsula surrounded by ocean and blocked by Nang Mountain, access is only by boat.

Longtails depart from Ao Nang (10 min, 100 baht/person, minimum 8 people), Ao Nammao (15 min), and Krabi Town (30 min) on demand, making those places the gateways to Rai Leh. It's also possible to reach Rai Leh via regular ferries that run between Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi, and Phuket Town (from Rassada Pier) (more frequent in the Nov-May dry season (times available from local travel agents, or check online ferry schedules).

Railey Beach