Krabi Contractor Co. Ltd is an organization of international specialists operating in Krabi and providing general real estate consulting for investors, with a focus on the local marketplace. We specialize in development and construction and our professional team includes a network of representatives that provide the highest quality customer service to clients. We have access to lawyers, accountants, designers, architects, engineers and building specialists. Our core value is quality service and efficiency in our jobs.

At Krabi Contractor Co. Ltd, we strive to provide expert solutions to our customers and to maximise their sales and return on investment, often exceeding their expectations. We assist you in starting, growing or diversifying your potential business idea in the areas of management strategies, marketing, business planning and organisation, policies, procedures, processes, and other business needs. We are also involved in the construction business and our projects range from villas to apartments, retails and commercial. We analyse your goals and your ideas, and propose the best solutions.

More and more often, clients approach us to fix mistakes that result from mismanagement by the companies they have contracted to build their investment project or their villa in the sun. After experiencing Krabi Contractor Co. Ltd way of working, which includes applying our extensive knowledge of the industry, along with our strong attention to detail, they wish they had met us earlier. Word of mouth and a proven record of successful stories are our main advertising tools.

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